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First-time parent discoveries

“Life must be lived as play.” – Plato

We discovered Jones Point Park in Alexandria a few weeks ago and entered the world of tot lots.  I’ve discovered all sorts of things I never knew existed before having a kid. Often, it’s mundane things like coping with the seeming barrage of sick days. People told me kids get sick a lot. They didn’t tell me that my husband and I would get sick a lot too. Hello, Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.


Another eye-opener was finding a way to discreetly excuse myself to pump while travelling for work (and joining legions of nursing moms who’ve resorted to airport/conference hall/restaurant bathrooms).  I always wonder if anyone has had security called in for a suspicious “wheh, whon, wheh, whon” noise in the ladies restroom.  (Yay, California for progress in that area, at least in airports.)

I discover lots of fun stuff too. Like tot lots.  Until my son became mobile, we didn’t have much need for kid-specific entertainment outside the home.  (Grocery shopping can be a surprisingly rich entertainment experience for a captive baby.)  Now that he’s walking though, he also needs a place to explore and find adventure.  Preferably one with a spongy, bouncy, cushiony floor under foot. (I can’t be the only one who’s inwardly smiling with every moon-bouncy step.)  The place gets extra credit if has a baby swing.


Enter tot lots.  I never noticed them before, but now I’m looking for them everywhere. I kind of felt like I was ten years old again and putting on glasses for the first time.  You think you’re really been living life, but then suddenly you’re like, “Hey man, I’ve been practically blind all this time?!”  Maybe my son felt the same way his first time in the baby swing…


We had a great time exploring with our son and documenting his first taste of playground life.  Looking forward to many more playground days.



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