Family Time
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Celebrating family

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” – Rose Kennedy

We celebrated our son’s first birthday recently and were fortunate to have four generations of family to celebrate with us. I was so excited to capture some of those family moments, especially of my son with his grandparents and great grandmother.

As a mom photographer, documenting my family is one of my favorite things to do.  Like many new moms, I turned to photography to memorialize those fleeting moments with my son.  Time passes so quickly and I find comfort in capturing images from our life.  My hope is that these images will tell our story–not just a documentation of milestones, but an insight into our everyday life.  These photos (tons!) are already meaningful to my husband and me and I hope that having them will someday be meaningful to my son as well.

Becoming parents has made my husband and me appreciate family all the more, especially because our family doens’t live nearby.  We relish the time we get to spend with them and the time our son spends getting to know them.

Being a parent also makes me think of my own childhood more often and wonder at how much we all change and grow.  I appreciate my own parents more now, both their strengths and challenges.  I can’t help but think ahead to when my son is grown and hope that he remembers his childhood as fondly as we are trying to make it.  Hopefully, the photos will help. 🙂



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