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Maryland Renaissance Festival – Huzzah!

“Life loves the liver of it.” – Maya Angelou

I haven’t been brave enough to dress up yet, but I love seeing the creativity on display at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  It’s a favorite fall tradition for my husband and me and this year we took our son for the first time.  He probably won’t remember it, but he had a great time watching all the people.  It was a fun day of turkey legs, Shakespeare, and fair maidens.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

And Celtic music, courtesy of Cu Dubh.  Complete with belly dancing.

Cu Dubh

Cu DubhI loved watching the impromptu belly dancing lesson with this little girl.  She was so attentive and carefree.

Belly dancing lesson Belly dancing lesson

Belly dancing lesson Belly dancing lesson

The Scottish-themed weekend was a nice touch, although I think the men in kilts are a common occurance any weekend.

Cu Dubh


It seemed like a record-breaking crowd, even towards the end of the day.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Fare thee well until next year, Renaissance Festival! If nothing else, maybe we’ll have our act together enough to dress our son up, since he’ll still be too little to protest. 🙂


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