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Capturing details

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese

Tiny feet

I’ve just finished the monumental task of going through a year’s worth of photos of my son to create photo books for his grandparents. Next year, I hope I’ll have been more organized, so I don’t have to do it all at once.  Two months into his second year, I still haven’t done much organizing, but I still have hope.  🙂 It was fun to relive the first year and remember early moments that have been lost in a fog of sleep deprivation and everyday moments along the way that got tucked away for other tasks at hand.

Newborn feetI’m especially fond of shots from the early days just after we brought him home.  His feet were still wrinkly and folded in the way that newborns’ feet are.

Newborn feet

His hands made tiny fists and his thumb was almost always nestled between his first two fingers.


And he slept.  So much.  Anywhere and everywhere.SONY DSC

Having these visual reminders inspired me to continue capturing the details that are present in our life now.  A year later, he may not be so tiny, but the moments are no less special.

Baby yawn



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