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Happy holiday tips

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“It’s rather difficult, when one has MANY friends, to show loyalty to them all at the same time…” – Tove Jannson

Holiday planning and a busy schedule have put a bit of a damper on my time for photo editing (as well as my ability to articulate coherent thoughts), so instead of trying to force something meaningful to sprout from my own mind, I offer some meaningful sprouts from others’ minds.

The Hands Free Way to Photograph your Christmas With Christmas just around the corner, I confess to having stressed just a little about the best way to photograph Christmas morning.  My son may actually be interested in opening gifts this year and I want to capture that, but I also want to be present and just enjoy the moment with my family.  So I was excited to come across Melissa Stottman’s tutorial on using an interval timer as a hands free way to photograph Christmas.  Hands free and I get to be in my Christmas morning photographs!  And the bow on top (if you’re so inclined)? A time lapse video with the shots that also makes a fun way to share the memory with the rest of the family.

Why we join groups and seek community – I’m continually inspired by Maria Popova’s articles on Brain Pickings.  This week, she shared Tove Jannson’s philisophical comic on why people join groups and seek out community.  I found the story particularly fitting as I’ve been trying to work out how to make the time I spend on social media meaningful and not mindless.  Jannson’s is a funny story that explores more serious themes of identity and belonging.  She makes light of the human condition, while encouraging us to think about the personal and societal implications.

For me, the end of the year always brings about thoughts for new practices and goals for the coming year and there are a lot of things I’m excited about for 2015.  One of my goals is to get in front of my camera with my family more often, so I’ve shared one of my initial results from this effort after trying out Melissa’s tips using interval shooting mode.  I actually found it a relief to set the camera, walk away, and just enjoy decorating the tree with my son. 🙂

What about you?  Do you find yourself reflecting and planning changes for the new year?

In light of the coming new year, this post was inspired by the Daily Post prompt about deadlines.  Aside from the weekly photography challenge, I’ll be taking a break from posting until after the holidays.  However you celebrate, I hope it’s wonderful and leaves you refreshed for the new year!



  1. Great reminder on using the interval timer on the camera so that we can be a part of the photos too! I have lots of my son on his own, and my son and father but alas not too many of my son and I so thanks for the timely reminder!


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  3. That is such a great idea! It might save me from my parents getting out their camera phones every twenty minutes to both take about 5,000 blurry pictures of my daughter because she did something revolutionary like smile, too…

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