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Telling stories

“The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.” ― Henry Green

Indoor play day

When my family looks back on my photos years from now, I want them to have a sense of what our lives looked and felt like at a moment in time.  What was important to us.  What made us happy.  In addition to the snapshots, I want my pictures to tell our family’s story.

Indoor play day

It’s not as easy as I imagined when I first set out with this goal.  Different pictures tell different stories.  Sometimes a great picture doesn’t tell the true story.  And sometimes I just miss the shot that tells the story.

Indoor play day

This photo curation of our family life is fulfilling and challenging and also a bit weighty in its responsibility for telling the story in an accurate way that ideally needs little to no explanation.

Indoor play day

I’m continually inspired by documentary-style family photographers who share personal stories from their families’ lives.  So I was happy to recently find the wonderful photographers over at The Sham of the Perfect, a blog that features collective photos “revealing the beautiful reality of family.”  Their photos are wonderful glimpses of family life from all over the world.  Check it out it you too appreciate the beauty of little moments.

Indoor play day Indoor play day

These are photos taken on our last day visiting with family at Thanksgiving.  This post was inspired by the Daily Post’s Moment in Time prompt.


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