Photography Challenge
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Weekly photo challenge: ephemeral

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

I was schooled by this week’s ephemeral photo challenge and confess I’ve been using the word “ephemeral” incorrectly (I thought it meant something possessing a dream-like quality…).  🙂


I had a few fleeting moments between handing crayons to my son who was kind enough to share the kitchen table (and take the opportunity to experiment with coloring on the table while I was distracted).


Spring is technically here on the east coast, but you can’t tell by the weather.  We get a day or two of warmth and sunshine before winter temps rush back in to dash our hopes that spring is here to stay.  So I bought these tulips as consolation and hope they’ll stick around until warmer weather brings the neighborhood flowers.



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