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Capturing spring

“The beginning is always today.” ― Mary Shelley

April has turned out to be a wonderful time to start a 365 photography project.  It’s a new season and fresh start and motivation comes a little easier when the weather is warmer.  I don’t even mind the rain so much as long as the chill is gone.  Every year when spring arrives, I commit (in vain) to learning the names of all the blossoms.  Something about being able to say, “Oh, look at those star magnolia blossoms over there” makes be feel like a budding (haha) botanist.  It’s like a survival skill somehow.  Except, I doubt knowing the names of flowering trees is going to help much in the zombie apocalypse.  (Neither, likely, are my similar attempts to learn the native birds in Virginia.)spring flowers tulipsAnyway, I usually forget the names of all but one blossom every year, so at this rate, I may have learned them all by the time my son graduates college.  Perhaps blogging about them will aid in learning, so I’ll share this week’s lesson:  the trees with red blossoms (featured above) are red maples.  It’s apparently one of the most common trees in North America, so, if you’re nearby, perhaps it’ll be a useful lesson to you as well.  I’ll also offer that if you’re tapping trees for maple syrup during the zombie apocalypse, only go for the red maple before spring. The flavor quality goes downhill once the blossoms emerge.  (This might be a useful for survival after all!)spring family

In keeping with new beginnings, I have to share “One Day Young,” a photography project from Jenny Lewis, featuring women in the earliest hours of motherhood.  Lewis’ photos are so tender and touching and her interview with Elizabeth Breiner highlights some of the wonderful, magical elements that happen in those first hours after giving birth.  Parents of all kinds and anyone who’s been around a new baby or appreciates this essence of humanity will find this article beautiful and uplifting.  Check it out – it will brighten your day!

Happy Spring everyone!



  1. Beautiful spring images! We have a red maple in our front yard and I love that we get the pretty buds in the spring and the red leaves in the fall.

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  2. aaahh…thanks for the lesson! we have three trees at our new house with those same blooms and we were not sure what kind of tree it was! now I know! thanks! Love those tulip shots! so fresh and springlike


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