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Photographing a story

A conversation with my husband on the way home yesterday:

Me: Do you ever feel like Meg Ryan in that movie where she falls in love with Nick Cage (who’s an angel) and she’s riding along on her bike with the wind in her hair, the sun on her smiling face, and (inexplicably) headphones blasting in her ears and then…BAM! Out of nowhere she gets run over by a semi?

Husband: Uh, doesn’t that mean she gets to be with Nick Cage forever now?

Me: [Sigh.] You’ve clearly never seen the movie.  And that’s not the point. [Trying again.] Have you ever felt like Brad Pitt in that movie where he meets a woman (who’s clearly his soulmate) and has the best conversation of his life and then God decides he needs a human body and promptly runs Brad over with a city bus?

Husband: God did what??

Me: Nevermind.

Storytelling photo essayStorytelling photo essay

Kidding (or not kidding) aside, I’ve had a fabulous week.  I’m beginning work on a personal project that I’m really excited about and hope to share more on later.  I’ve also been participating in a timely breakout course on storytelling over at Clickin Moms and am feeling really inspired.

Storytelling photo essayStorytelling photo essay

Sometimes, though, when life seems particularly awesome, I can’t help but feel like maybe something bad is going to happen just to balance things out.  I know that’s terribly pessimistic. But apparently there’s a term for it – foreboding joy.

It’s a topic that merits a more serious reflection, but I’ll keep it light and perhaps save that for another day.  For now, I’ll just be grateful to Hollywood for supplying me with the imagery to fan the flames of my doomsday thinking.

Storytelling photo essayStorytelling photo essayStorytelling photo essay

I took these images with storytelling in mind as an assignment for Courtney Larson‘s breakout study on the Art of On-Location Storytelling. Courtney’s passion really shines through and her words and images are wonderfully inspiring and instructive.

Storytelling photo essayStorytelling photo essay    Have a wonderful Father’s Day! And speaking of fathers, I must give credit to my husband for the last two photos.  It’s hard to remember to get in front of the camera sometimes!

Oh, and I’m really sorry if I at all ruined the movies City of Angels or Meet Joe Black for you.   However, if somehow you haven’t seen them yet, I’d say there are probably other movies that you could better spend your time watching. 🙂

It’s a bit of a stretch this week as I don’t think I quite captured any indigo or violet, but I really appreciated how the colors in our book jumped out in these images, so I’ll call this a loose interpretation for this week’s ROYGBIV photo challenge.  Thanks for indulging me. 🙂


  1. Great photos! I saw both of those movies and had the same thought…why? Love was right there the in an instant they are gone.

    Another move, one of my favorites is What Dreams May Come. A second opportunity to get it right.


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