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Life is too short not to stop the car

Dinosaur? Bird? Dinosaur bird?  My husband and I couldn’t decide.  I’ve been driving past this driftwood sculpture along the river for weeks, thinking what a nice photo op it would make.  Last week, we finally decided to stop the car and check it out. Earlier this week, I posted some thoughts about minimalism, busyness, and aligning priorities with values in my life.  It’s a continuing effort (and will remain one), but I had a nice chance to put my thoughts into action by deciding to stop the car for the dinosaur bird.  Even though on this particular day I would have rather continued on my way home, my husband and I took advantage of a little free time to go check it out. And I was glad we did.  It was a great photo op and the impromptu adventure brightened my mood and my day. This post was inspired by the “No Time to Waste” prompt this week.  I especially enjoyed these other takes on this prompt: a reminder that it’s okay to waste time too from LifeInFrame and a reminder to make time for …