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Life is too short not to stop the car

Dinosaur? Bird? Dinosaur bird?  My husband and I couldn’t decide.  I’ve been driving past this driftwood sculpture along the river for weeks, thinking what a nice photo op it would make.  Last week, we finally decided to stop the car and check it out. Earlier this week, I posted some thoughts about minimalism, busyness, and aligning priorities with values in my life.  It’s a continuing effort (and will remain one), but I had a nice chance to put my thoughts into action by deciding to stop the car for the dinosaur bird.  Even though on this particular day I would have rather continued on my way home, my husband and I took advantage of a little free time to go check it out. And I was glad we did.  It was a great photo op and the impromptu adventure brightened my mood and my day. This post was inspired by the “No Time to Waste” prompt this week.  I especially enjoyed these other takes on this prompt: a reminder that it’s okay to waste time too from LifeInFrame and a reminder to make time for …

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A virtual time capsule

“Let us save what remains: not by vaults and locks which fence them from the public eye and use in consigning them to the waste of time, but by such a multiplication of copies, as shall place them beyond the reach of accident.” ― Thomas Jefferson I often wonder what will happen to all the photos on my hard drive. Will they one day be a nagging thought in my children’s minds, like my piles of old, unorganized photos are in mine, begging for someone to display and tell their stories once more? (Except, for my children, it will be all the worse since there will be so many more photos, because with digital who needs just one shot when you can have five oh-so-subtle variations?) Or will my hard drive be like a virtual time capsule they can’t wait to open and find treasures from family times in years past? I like to hope that my children will love having a visual history of their childhoods. When I was a child, I loved going through photos of …